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 122333-DOC - Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant (WTG) Program - FY 23-01
  Application Deadline: 09/14/2022 11:59 PM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date:
Project End Date:
Award Announcement Date:
Program Officer: Annmarie Robinson
Phone: 406-841-2250 x
Categorical Area(s) To be Addressed by Program  Economic Development 
This Opportunity is recurring   

The Primary Sector Business Workforce Training Act is designed to encourage the creation of jobs in primary sector businesses.  The Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant Program, also known as the WTG Program, provides grant funds to businesses for training of full-time and part-time workers in net new jobs.  Primary sector business means an employer engaged in establishing or expanding operations within Montana that through the employment of knowledge or labor add value to a product, process or export service that results in the creation of new wealth and at least one of the following conditions applies:

  • at least 50% of the applicant's sales occur outside of Montana;
  • the applicant is a manufacturing company with at least 50% of its sales to other Montana companies that have 50% of their sales occurring outside of Montana; or
  • the applicant is a new business that provides, as determined by the department, a product or a service that is not available in Montana or a substantially similar product or service that is not available in Montana, which results in state residents leaving the state to purchase the product or service.

Business Eligibility

The Department’s Grant Review Committee may award workforce training grants to primary sector businesses that provide education or skills-based training through eligible training providers to employees in net new jobs.

In order for an eligible business to apply for a job training grant the business shall meet all of the following conditions:

  • Create at least one net new job in Montana;
  • Pay trainees at least the average weekly wage that meets or exceeds the lesser of 170% of Montana’s current minimum wage or the current average weekly wage of the county, in which the employees are to be principally employed, providing the minimum wage requirements are met. The value of employee benefits may be considered in calculating the average wage. Typically, eligible benefits are those benefits not required by state or federal law, except for healthcare which is considered an eligible benefit under the WTG Program.
  • Have a need for education or training for the employee in the new jobs; and
  • Demonstrate that the business expansion is financially feasible.

To complete the on-line grant application, you will need the following items:

  • Business Plan;
  • Two years of historical financial information;
  • Two years of projections;
  • Hiring Plan;
  • Training Plan.

It is advised that you have access to this required information before you start an application in the online system. To view a representation of the on-line application, please view Representation of Application attachment below. Copies of the program guidelines are also available in the attachments below.

Please contact the WTG Program before starting an application to verify that your project qualifies.

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WTG Program Guidelines Guidelines.pdf 665 KB
Representation of the WTG Application Representation of WTG Application.pdf 63 KB
User Guide for Applying to Online Grant Management System User Guide for Applying to Online Grant Management System.pdf 1.1 MB
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