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  Funding Opportunity Details
 123245-FWP Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program Grant Cycle 2023
  FWP WHIP Program
  Application Deadline: 11/23/2022 5:00 PM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date:
Project End Date:
Award Announcement Date:
Program Officer: Smith Wells
Phone: 406-444-7291 x
Categorical Area(s) To be Addressed by Program  Natural Resources 
This Opportunity is recurring  Yes 

WHIP applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on November 23, 2022.

The 2017 Montana Legislature passed House Bill 434, which established the Montana Wildlife Habitat Improvement Act. The Act authorizes up to $2M of federal Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act funding to be distributed through the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP) for conducting restoration work on ecologically important wildlife habitats through weed management activities. This includes herbicide, biocontrol, and mechanical treatments, restoration seedings, and grazing improvements as part of an integrated noxious weed management plan. Specific expenditures are limited to herbicides and additives, biological control agents, materials required for restoration seeding or prescribed grazing management, and associated treatment and installation services. Administration or overhead costs are not applicable.

WHIP is a 75:25 grant program, which means each dollar of matching cash can leverage three dollars of grant funds. All cash match must be a non-federal source and signed contribution statements from the participating partners are required as part of the application. 

The Environmental Assessment (EA) does not need to be completed with the grant application. Applicants will be required to complete an EA after the funding recommendations have been approved by the Director of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

IMPORTANT: For more detailed information about Grant Application Instructions, WHIP Terminology, WHIP Grant Application Scoring Criteria, and Q&A about WHIP, see the ‘WHIP Grant Application Instructions’ document in the "Attachments" section below. 

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Description File Name File Size
WHIP Grant Application Instructions WHIP Application Package Instructions.pdf 361 KB
WHIP Contribution Statement Template WHIP Contribution Statement Template.docx 14 KB
WHIP Biocontrol Monitoring Protocol and Data Sheets WHIP_Biocontrol Monitoring Protocol.pdf 629 KB
WHIP Detailed Treatment And Funding Plan Template WHIP_DetailedTreatmentAndFundingPlan.xlsx 50 KB
WHIP Grazing Monitoring Protocol and Data Sheets WHIP_Grazing Monitoring Protocol.pdf 587 KB
WHIP Vegetation Monitoring Protocol and Data Sheets WHIP_Vegetation Monitoring Protocol.pdf 567 KB
FWP Wildlife Friendly Fences - Guidelines WildlifeFriendlyFences-2012.pdf 4.0 MB
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